Each treatment integrates any & all appropriate modalities to provide the most effective, transformative therapy possible for your situation. There are no additional fees for any materials or techniques, and you don’t have to decide in advance what you need or want. Your session will be crafted using some of the following modalities—please note that during warm weather, I do not use heated stones or herbal poultices.

  • Swedish, deep tissue & medical massage: neuromuscular, myofascial, trigger point & tui na/acupressure techniques

  • Heated stone massage

  • Traditional Tibetan Medicine external therapies: KuNye massage oils, HorMe moxibustion.

  • Energy modalities: reiki, craniosacral therapy

  • Herbal & aromatherapeutic poultices & unguents


Massage & allied therapies can help to:

  • manage & alleviate pain, stress, anxiety & chronic conditions – including neck, back, head, shoulder, hip, knee & foot pain; depression; hypertension; autoimmune disorders including Fibromyalgia and lupus; TMJ, cancer, migraine, sleep disorders & the common discomforts of healthy pregnancy

  • assist recovery and healing from injury, surgery & overuse syndromes – such as tendinitis, sprains & strains, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Rotator Cuff injury, Tennis elbow, Plantar fasciitis, spasms & cramps, whiplash, vertebral disc and joint injuries & surgeries

  • optimize wellness & fitness with increased flexibility and range of motion; enhanced immunity, endorphin production, circulation and lymphatic drainage; pre- and post-event prep and recovery.



Sarah Falkner, LMT graduated from the Swedish Institute in NYC and has been a NY State-licensed massage therapist since 1998. She also possesses a BFA in painting from Indiana University, and is a published and exhibited interdisciplinary multimedia artist and writer.

In addition to a comprehensive clinical massage training at the Swedish Institute and continuing education courses with certified providers, Falkner has also completed several apprenticeships and initiatory trainings with both indigenous and nontraditional shamans and folk-healing practitioners; she is also a certified Reiki master, and most recently has been studying Traditional Tibetan Medicine (aka Sowa Rigpa).

Falkner embraces the potential for healing practices to be liberation paths, encompassing both art and science, the personal and communal, and the embodied and the transpersonal. Her methodologies are grounded in both medical-scientific and artistic training, and informed by worldviews and wisdom traditions which map the body, planet and cosmos as pluralist and interdependent, such as Traditional Himalayan and Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Tibetan-Nepali shamanism, and European folk magic and herbalism.

As both practitioner and patient, Falkner has found combined bodywork therapies to have immediate, profound benefits and very direct, effective, and efficient ways of achieving and maintaining healing and wellness on many levels.

Falkner strives to offer highly-personalized sessions to a diverse clientele, and seeks to steward each client’s sense of their own needs and preferences.

Falkner is dedicated to making bodywork-based therapies an integral and accessible component of healing and wellness for all, and towards that end happily participates in alternative economic strategies such as community clinics, barter and sliding-scale fees. She practices in NYC, Hudson, NY, and Los Angeles, CA.