madame lulu’s book of fate

MADAME LULU’S BOOK OF FATE: A GUIDE TO CARNIVAL AT THE END OF THE WORLD TAROT (2018), was commissioned by artists Kahn + Selesnick, who also commissioned several short stories for City of Salt, published in 2005 by Aperture.

animal sanctuary

ANIMAL SANCTUARY was awarded the seventh Starcherone Prize for Innovative Fiction and was published in 2011 by now-defunct Starcherone Press.

From Donna Seaman’s 2011 Booklist review:
”In a stealthily affecting reportorial voice, debut novelist Falkner tells the story of tepidly successful 1960s movie actress Kitty Dawson via interviews, critiques, press coverage, and plot summaries of her movies (one involves packs of rampaging dogs, another giant mutant rabbits). Kitty's intensifying affinity for animals inspires her and her husband to open a California sanctuary for abused and neglected "exotic big cats." We're also granted glimpses into the lives of Kitty's body double, a college student searching for a missing friend while on location in Africa; director Albert Wickwood, a clever and cutting variation of Alfred Hitchcock; and Kitty's son, Rory, a spiritually oriented performance artist. Other pieces in this brilliantly analytical, ironically funny, and tenderly empathic scrapbook novel illuminate curious parallels between hunting and filmmaking, the ethics of nature documentaries, the suffering of lab animals, discrimination against immigrants, the commercialization of art, and how movies "function in place of fairy tales and myths to shape what you fear and hope for." Stylistically fresh, culturally lush, intellectually exciting, and elegantly emotional, Falkner's provocative, surreptitiously beautiful novel dissolves the boundaries between animals and humankind, racial and ethnic groups, and men and women and reminds us that we can all "give and receive and be sanctuary.

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REWILDERMENT is an interdisciplinary collaboration between C. Ryder Cooley and Sarah Falkner, utilizing performance, installation, photography and process-based media. A book of documentation and writings is forthcoming in 2019.

The project began in the fall of 2011 with a series of video and performance/ritual pieces. In August 2012, Cooley and Falkner created an installation lair – an active working space/work-in-progress – at TSL Gallery, Hudson NY and Halloween 2013, the piece’s last three-dimensional realtime/realspace manifestation was an exhibition at MCLA Gallery 51, North Adams, MA.

REWILDERMENT is a Dreamtime whose inhabitants and visitors transgress borders of time, space, identity, gender and species. Transpersonal and transpecies consciousness, communication and cooperation guide REWILDERMENT’s inhabitants, who facilitate their ruptures between dimensions with a ritual sigil that is coded map, gateway and hypnotic trigger; the sigil is inscribed in artificial materials, organic elements and REWILDERMENT’s human custodians’ flesh. Symbolic actions are taken in one dimension to effect change in another in the interest of reclaiming and liberating the contained and constrained, and a basic drive towards transmutation. Visitors can enter or encounter REWILDERMENT via various media appealing to different senses and modes, and stations within the installation/process lair have simultaneous documentary, navigational and oracular functions.

Watch REWILDERMENT part 1, FILM THEORY: animal disasters/animal sanctuaries, a debut performance of Sarah and Ryder's first collaboration at DownStreet Arts in North Adams, MA on September 29, 2011. This piece was also performed at Bluestockings Books in New York City on January 10, 2012.