Hello! This year’s summer series sale offers some different features than previous years, including some series of 5. Full story below–quick link here:

Please note I am actively seeking barters for home improvement projects—if you have painting, carpentry, general contracting or landscaping skills, please be in touch.

My treatment options and formats have changed somewhat, to better incorporate my Tibetan Medicine protocols and some new local herbal topical treatments using remedies I have designed and commissioned from local medicine growers and makers, most notably, Myrto Daisy Daskaloudi of Athena’s Apothecary (and co-host of ReGeneration, and comrade from Hudson Wellness Collective). I also continue my studies in Traditional Tibetan Medicine (Sowa Rigpa) and I am now certified to teach KuNye with Sorig Khang International; and I am also pursuing further accomplishment in the oldest and longest-living healing system and worldview, Ayurveda.

As always, my fee is for the time you book; I do not charge extra for herbs, topical treatments, heated stones, or any different modalities used in your treatment—if I think something I have on hand will be of help to you I will ask you if you’d like it, and you can also inquire beforehand to learn about everything I have in my apothecary and studio. I also have a self-serve remedy bar in the waiting room with local tinctures and sprays by Good Fight Herb Co, Athena’s Apothecary and Apis Apothecary among others.

For a variety of reasons, I am reconfiguring all my fees to be–similar to other therapists practicing in the places I practice–prorated and based around the increment of one hour. My 40-minute session still remains a great bargain at the per-minute rate. My fees are sustainable for me, but you will find that they are all still comparatively modest within the field, especially for a specialized treatment by a practitioner with the years of clinical experience and education that I have. As an activist and advocate, it is important to me that bodywork-based therapies be accessible to a wide range of people. I know I cannot as one person make up for all the inequity and unmet need in our national economy or healthcare system, but I intend to do what I can to be there for you! Another reason I offer the annual summer series sale—accessibility.

The duration of treatment that is most effective for your body and situation depends on stress, activity, injury and illness factors; and a taller or larger person literally has more volume and surface distance of muscles and connective tissue than does a smaller person, and so more or less time is needed to treat adequately. The Traditional Tibetan Medicine modalities also require more time and so those are offered within a 75-minute or longer session only. We are each where we are at, and I want to meet you there and do the best I can with your situation. While I understand most of us have a budget, on the other hand I want to encourage you to prioritize your wellness and choose the treatment length that is suitably effective for you, your body and your situation. Ask me what my professional recommendation is for your situation, too—I am a healing practitioner by vocation and out of a sense of service, so I am going to tell you what I think is best for your body, not profits.

new price structure: HUDSON

40 minutes $50

-for most people this is time enough for a focused treatment to one or two areas of the body (like: head and neck; shoulders; low back and hips) This is also a lower-per-minute rate for me–offered with joy as an affordable price point for folks on a tight budget.

60 minutes $85

-comparable to what most practitioners in the area offer as a basic session length. For many people this is enough time for a full-body treatment. Not long enough for a Traditional Tibetan KuNye treatment.

75 minutes $108

-a wee bit longer than what has been my standard session for years. Long enough for many Traditional Tibetan Medicine KuNye protocols, or a combo session (like: deep tissue + craniosacral, or full body massage with Reiki at the end). For many people this is the time it takes for a balanced full-body treatment.

90 minutes $130

-time enough for a full Traditional Tibetan Medicine KuNye protocol, a combo session, and for many people this is the time it takes for a balanced full-body treatment.

If you still have treatments left from an old 70-minute series, they will of course continue to be honored (I will probably give you a 75-minute treatment)

new price structure: BROOKLYN

40 minutes $50

60 minutes $100

75 minutes $125

90 minutes $150


each series offers a discount from the regular fees as described above—some of these series will be available on an ongoing basis later in the year, while others will only be offered for a short time.

-you can share a series with whomever you please

-you can give gift certificates out of your series

-there is no expiration date

Series of 10 40-minute treatments: $425 (save $75 – not offered throughout the year)

Series of 5 60-minute treatments: $375 (save $50 – not offered throughout the year)

Series of 10 60-minute treatments: $750 (save $100 — rest of year, will be $765/savings of $85)

Series of 5 75-minute treatments: $450 (save $90 – rest of year, will be $490/savings of $50)

Series of 10 75-minute treatments: $930 (save $150 – rest of year, will be $972/savings of $108)

Series of 5 90-minute treatments: $525 (save $125 – not offered throughout the year)

Series of 10 90-minute treatments:$1150 (save $150 — rest of year, will be $1170/savings of $130)


series of 5 60-minute treatments: $475 (save $25)

series of 5 75-minute treatments: $575 (save $50)

series of 5 90-minute treatments: $700 (save $50)

series of 10 60-minute treatments: $900 (save $100)

series of 10 75-minute treatments: $1,125 (save $125)

series of 10 90-minute treatments: $1,350 (save $150)


I assess your constitution and current situation through questions, observation and pulse diagnosis. That assessment plus your interests determine the treatment strategy that may include:

– an herbal and essential oil mix for your constitution

– heated herbal and oil poultices

– specific point work, using hands and traditional wooden tapping sticks

– heated stones

– mantras and simple breathwork exercise

– suggestions for lifestyle factors

For most people, copious use of oil is indicated, including a heavy application to head/hair and infused cottonballs in the ears. Please either plan for that before your session, or let me know if that’s not possible or comfortable for you. It is recommended you leave oil on your scalp overnight if possible, so a hat or scarf might assist you in making that more comfortable. As always, I will meet you where you are at in your needs and we will figure out what will work for you.